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Master Roof is a professional roof repair company, capable of solving roof leak problems that may bother you. We provide these services as our mission statement. We have a lot of reliable roof contractors who provide best performance, standards and quality roofing services in Klang Valley. We are ready to find the true source of your roof leak and provide a best solution.

Roof Leak Repair

If the roof leaks or shingles are lacking, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof. Normally we can repair minor problems without the whole roof being replaced. To protect the roof from further damage and expense any damage to the roof should be repaired.

It is not uncommon to have a damaged roof and not realize it.   Unfortunately, if the problem is not addressed in time, additional damage may result, which eventually increases the cost of repairing or speeds up the need for replacing the roof. A damaged untreated roof, for example, may allow water to flow underneath the banded floor and rot the wooden boards below.

Simple repair work is generally easy and affordable.  However, if the roof needs to be replaced, repairs will not prolong the life of the roof.   Master Roof can help you to inspect your roof to determine whether  your roof needs repair or replacement.

Roof Replacement

If repairs are not possible it may be necessary to replace the roof. Once the roof is replaced we must remove the current roof material and roof lining. Then we check whether there is damage to the plywood deck and perform necessary repairs. The deck would then be lined with a new roof liner and new roof material.

You do not have to replace the roof with the same material as the current  roof. There are many materials, colors and styles to choose from, including: asphalt shingles, clay bricks, cedar wood, slate and metal roofs. We can help you determine which roofing material is suitable for your house or building.


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