In the world of building and making things, the roof is super important. It does two big jobs: keeping out the weather and making a building look good. Malaysia, a place with lots of different weather and old-time buildings, thinks a lot about what to put on its roofs. They mix old ways, weather, and new ideas. In this article, we’re going to learn about some roof stuff they often use in Malaysia.

1. Clay Tiles: Remembering the Past

In Malaysia, people have used clay tiles on buildings for a really long time. This is a way to keep the stories of the old days alive and show respect for history. These tiles are really strong and can stay good for a lot of years. They also look really fancy and nice.

These tiles work well in Malaysia’s hot and wet weather. They help to keep things cooler because they let air flow through, like a nice breeze indoors. And guess what? These tiles come in lots of shapes and colors. So, when people who make buildings want them to look right in Malaysia, they can pick the tiles that fit perfectly. It’s like making a puzzle that makes buildings look even more special!

2. Concrete Tiles: Modern and Strong

Concrete Tiles, roof materials

In Malaysia, people are liking concrete tiles more and more these days because they last a really long time and can do lots of things. These tiles can look like old clay tiles or even wooden shakes, but they’re made from concrete. That’s a strong stuff!

These tiles can stand up to bad weather, which is important here. They’re smart to pick for homes in Malaysia. And guess what? They can help keep the inside of houses cooler too, because they stop too much heat from getting in. It’s like having a cool shade on the roof!

3. Metal Roofing: Modern and Tough

Using metal for roofs is becoming really popular in Malaysia. People like metals like zinc, steel, and aluminum because they can stay strong for a very long time and look modern too.

These metal roofs are not heavy and they don’t get rusty, which is really good in places that are very humid. They also don’t soak up too much sun, so the house doesn’t get too hot. That’s great for saving energy! And guess what? These metal roofs often come in pieces that fit together like a puzzle. That makes putting them on the roof easy and quick.

4. Asphalt Shingles: Affordable and Trustworthy

In Malaysia, people often use asphalt shingles for roofs. These shingles are friendly on the budget and easy to put up. They come in lots of styles and colors, so they can match different designs of buildings.

These shingles are really good at stopping water, so they keep houses dry. They’re also perfect for roofs that slope, which is common here. So, they’re like a good friend to Malaysian buildings!

5. Flat Roof Membrane: Smart Answers for Modern Looks

Flat Roof Membrane, roof materials

In Malaysia, when buildings have flat or not-so-sloped roofs, people are turning to flat roof membranes. These are like special sheets made from things like PVC or TPO. They’re really good at stopping water and can stay strong even in the bright sun.

People like using them a lot for big buildings, cool new houses, and buildings with special things on the roof. It’s like using a super shield to keep everything safe and dry!


In Malaysia, roofs are made from a mix of old ways, weather needs, and new ideas. There are many choices! Some people pick classic clay tiles to remember old times, while others use new flat roof materials for modern styles. When choosing, think about the weather, how things look, how long it lasts, and how much it costs. With the right pick, buildings in Malaysia can last a long time and make the country look even more awesome!